Three DNS hosting services for one monthly price.

Managed DNS Hosting Buy Managed DNS Hosting Plug and Play DNS - is DNS as a Service, offering a remotely hosted DNS solution that allows your organization to quickly and easily implement a DNS network on a reliable global infrastructure.'s hosted DNS management system is easy to integrate with your organization, with minimal technical resources required.

Manage your zones from our control panel interface or JSON API. is the complete solution for managing your DNS without the overhead or maintenance.

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Premium DNS Hosting Buy Premium DNS Hosting Powerful, Reliable DNS - Quality DNS service is important to your website's uptime, so leave it to the pros. With's premium DNS hosting, stable DNS with a global presence is a reality.'s proprietary DNS servers are hardened against the vulnerabilities most likely to occur on a standard DNS network. Why put your site and reputation at risk?

With's premium DNS network you can be sure your domains will resolve quickly, every time, with fast, responsive support standing by to serve you.

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Geo-Locational DNS Buy GeoDNS Hosting Geo-Directional Traffic Splitting - With's geo-locational DNS, you can serve different pages to visitors from different countries, states/ provinces, or city, all at the click of a button.

Easily redirect traffic from different regions to web pages with localized content or payment options, creating a more customized experience for your visitors.

Use GeoDNS to load balance your traffic, sending visitors to the nearest regional server. Geo-enable your site in minutes with location-based DNS from!

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